Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dracula, Batman and Dark Literature

Dark literature presents us with two characters - Dracula and Batman - supernatural beings that came from humble beginnings.

These characters are able to make their greatest foes bow to their demands, they are fuelled by an abnormal cause which draws our sympathy, both guilty of murder and mayhem. As we look at the two we begin to see their madness at the worst and paranoia at its best.

They love strong and are independently wealthy, they control their worlds, we want to be like them but their intelligence separates us. They are the spirit inside us that we hide from the people around us.

These "dark knights" are Gods to themselves and their decisions are final, they are the most powerful beings, and we thirst to be like them - we feel their weaknesses and wonder how come these knights could have weaknesses. These traits that these dark beings possess attracts us and pulls our spirits to their cause, evil or good.

Dark literature has survived thousands of years from Oedipus to Batman because it reflects what is in our sub-conscious deep down inside and buried within. Dark literature is in fact a true reflection of the dark side of man, our hunger for power, wealth and love. We envy these "dark knights" because they got it easily. The suffering both mental and physical that they endure is the price they pay. The price we will pay to get that much power will no doubt be more severe and our suffering will be more painful; that is the moral of the story.

Sean Tarquini received a liberal education at York University, Canada and other sources in general and has been writing for 14 years, he works on literature and audio/visual presentations. His books are available at http://www.amazon.com and http://www.mobipocket.com

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