Friday, November 9, 2007

The Colour Of Literature

The study of literature is a study of the origin of the ideas. Ideas that make up the resources of modern writers. I took literature courses and I am now an accomplished author but no one else could have taken the exact mix of courses that I took or had the same teachers.
I consider myself to be a letter writer of contemporary literature and so do 10,000 other writers but we all have different backgrounds. Are there any standards set to be a contemporary writer? Can there be? The answer is no.
There are no standards set for the imagination, but like music there are beats that are better than the other. There are melodies more appropriate at times more wanting than another. There lies the perfection. We want our imagination to bloom, mere thoughts, to fit into the language of men. It can be a poem, it can be either a short story, a novel, or poetic prose. The category one falls under when we write are like the different types of glasses we use for drinks served at a reception: wine, brandy, champagne, or beer. The type of glass served makes the drink more palatable; much like the categories of writing which hold a story as it needs to be interpreted.
Each writer of all disciplines or levels has something to offer. It is the out pouring of the spirit that is important, looking for the top ten is not meant to be, writing is an art form and it represents one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. It holds the thoughts of men who lived thousands of years ago, as well as, it is the wine that we all share to live in this world, to communicate in this world and even to save this world.
Sean Tarquini received a liberal education at York University, Canada and other sources in general and has been writing for 14 years, he works on literature and audio/visual presentations. His books are available at and

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