Friday, November 9, 2007

Dark Literature

I learnt of the dark side of man in literature class, it was a course called Contemporary Theatre. I learnt that people suffer through birth defects like Helen Keller, the play, some suffer through life because of their class like the guy (Loman) in "Death of a Salesman", and I saw a woman brutally killed in "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe and see people haunted because of new-found-wealth in "The Pearl" by Steinbeck.
Children reverted to animals in "Lord of the Flies", a child poisoned mentally in the play "Aunt Dan and Lemon" and of course Oedipus digging out his own eyes after learning he killed his father and married his mother!
So I wrote my first book, after being a professional letter writer, when people still used STAMPS to send letters and ENVELOPES - remember those - well I have lived between two continents during the time I attended University, and had always been writing a letter, those were the days but it taught me about punctuation and how to inject emotions in my letters.
Thanks to all the dark or "black" writing I have read and personal experiences I can only write on the dark-side. I am an all encompassed Black Knight and only think on the dark side, I sprinkle my literature with light and colours to create literature that is a kaleidoscope of colour.
The books I have mentioned are some of the ones I want us to peruse. So I am proposing as we travel through the dark depths of space that we see colour as points to cherish that save us from being consumed by darkness.
Sean Tarquini received a liberal education at York University, Canada and other sources in general and has been writing for 14 years, he works on literature and audio/visual presentations. His books are available on and

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