Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Imagination - Creating A Story

Having written two (2) books, having written synopses about the books, spending time describing what I called my style; there is however something that I can't describe: "My Imagination."

What appears in my books that readers see from sentence to sentence from period to period from comma to comma is not what the writer (me) sees.

I see the clouds I write about, I see the steps I climb, I see the kiss, the murder, the survival of my character.

My pen swirls with every action, I escape, I lie brazenly, I scheme - but what the reader sees as creativity, in my memory the words fell that way because I entered a world of mystery; what actions I put on paper was the only course for me to take; given the future of my story, with me, standing in the midst of the things twirling around me at that time.

If it appeared to me that I saw darkness I remember that it was too dark to see and my mind created darkness that no man could imagine. If it was beauty and light that I saw my mind created a rainbow so bright so beautiful that no man had seen it before.

Then what made me write the story in the first place can only be described as madness, insanity, a laughable enterprise. The things of invention today come from a secret place in the mind. Literature is not for the academic; the study of proper nouns, adjectives, verbs, and class-room analysis can only frame literature, never will it create or innovate.

The source I find my strength to write from is squarely a gift, and not the work of someone toiling for inspiration or building paragraph after paragraph following the teachings of "stock artists."

Literature is not what we see, literature is not stock material. We need to see literature as art, each piece of its own value.

Sean Tarquini received a liberal education at York University, Canada and other sources in general and has been writing for 14 years, he works on literature and audio/visual presentations. Sean's books are available at and at

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